OFFER PRICE: £2,792.86 £2,595.90

Excellent electric massage table with elegant finishing designed for SPA and Wellness centres. It includes three motors to adjust its positions and a wide storing area on the lower part with sliding doors.

OFFER PRICE: £2,811.52 £2,606.88

This new massage table for SPA includes a drawer for quick access to tools that you normally use such as creams, massage oils, towels, etc.

One of its more exceptional functions is the LED chromotherapy, the perfect complement to create a relaxing and calming environment for your clients.

OFFER PRICE: £2,393.71 £2,147.40

SPA massage table with single-column lift technology. White base and two upholstery colours available to combine. It features three motors that adjust the table’s height and the tilt of the back and legs sections. Great padding for ultimate comfort.

OFFER PRICE: £3,929.99 £2,996.98

This elegant and comfortable pedicure chair with hydromassage system would create a touch of luxury in any home and beauty salon. It is equipped with high range facilities and comes at unbeatable value for money.

With its soft, padded faux leather seat and vibrating massage to the seat, back and neck areas, you or your clients can relax in optimum comfort and style. The chair includes a music player to make the treatment more pleasurable.

OFFER PRICE: £1,900.00 £1,791.52

Electric massage chair, versatile and strong, provided with 3 motors to adjust its height, the backrest’s inclination as well as the seat’s inclination. The armrests are removable and the headrest is extendible to adjust it depending on your needs.

OFFER PRICE:  £1,841.60 £1,720.10

Multifunctional electric treatment table with 5 sections and 8 mobile pieces that allow for a large variety of positions for physiotherapy, massage, SPA, etc.

OFFER PRICE: £1,497.11 £1,242.85

Electric massage table of 3 sections for physiotherapy and aesthetics treatments. The upper and lower sections are reclining. Height adjustable through a handle. The upholstery of artificial leather is resistant and available in different colours.

OFFER PRICE: £1,789.88 £1,497.32

Electric massage table BOBATH for sessions with people with reduced mobility. Thanks to its steel reinforced frame, the resistant upholstery, the height adjustment as well as the backrest inclination, you will offer proficiency to your patients.

OFFER PRICE: £1,499.46 £1,279.87

Electric massage table of 3 sections for clinics, aesthetics centres, and tattoo studios. It has two motors to adjust both the height and the inclination of the table. The upholstery is really resistant and has simple maintenance.

OFFER PRICE: £1,975.94 £1,866.20

This massage table for SPA and Wellness centre of remarkable finishing has two motors to control, on the one side, the table’s height, and on the other hand, both the backrest’s inclination and the legrests’s fold.

OFFER PRICE: £2,218.22 £2,069.76

Electric multifunctional chair with 4 motors to achieve total control. High-quality finishing, 360º turning, Trendelenburg position, removable armrests. Valid for multiple fields: SPA, pedicure, beauty, massage, etc.

OFFER PRICE: £1,963.66 £1,790.08

Electric massage table of 3 bodies for physiotherapy and aesthetics treatments. Thanks to its design and setting, it can adopt different positions and carry out many exercises. The sections and armrests are adjustable. It supports up to 200 Kg.

OFFER PRICE: £1,451.92 £1,331.88

Armchair-treatment table of 3 sections with electric rising, removable armrests and facial plug.

OFFER PRICE: £1,642.21 £1,573.80

Spectacular chair compatible with many specialties that have 2 electric motors and the possibility of adopting multiple positions.

OFFER PRICE: £1,466.45 £1,397.99

Electric massage table of 2 sections of 185 × 70 cm for aesthetics and physiotherapy treatments. It has a reinforced frame of steel that provides great safety and resistance. It supports a maximum weight of 250 kg. Available in different colours.

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