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    Amalfi Black Styling Chair

    Amalfi Black Styling Chair Hairdressers chair Amalfi that distinguishes thanks to its original design, its great comfort, and its high-quality …
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    Backwash Unit Genova

    Backwash Unit Genova Backwash unit Genova is fundamental furniture of outstanding functionality and elegance, provided with tilting sink totally equipped …
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    Backwash Unit Napoli

    Backwash Unit Napoli New backwash unit Napoli with a seat following the traditional design and main body made of fiber …
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    Bergamo Hairdressers Chair

    Bergamo Hairdressers Chair Chair for hairdresser's Bergamo with hydraulically lifting through a lever system. A squared base that provides the …
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    Black Catania Hairdressers Chair

    Black Catania Hairdressers Chair Catania hairdresser's chair with an innovative and modern design, featuring height adjustment through a hydraulic system. …
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    Black Ferrara Hairdresser Chair

    Black Ferrara Hairdresser Chair Hair salon chair Ferrara with unique traits and both trendy and classic appearance with straight lines. …
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    Black Firenze Hairdressers Chair

    Black Firenze Hairdressers Chair Embellish your hair and beauty salon with the Firenze hairdresser's chair of high-end finishing and fine …
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    Black Garda Styling Chair

    Black Garda Styling Chair New hairdressers chair Garda that presents a cutting-edge design, amazing finishing and that offers the best …
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    Black Roma Hairdressers Chair

    Black Roma Hairdressers Chair Hairdresser chair Roma with stylish design, high-quality finishing, and wide functionality. It is height adjustable through …
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    Black Sorrento Hairdresser Chair

    Black Sorrento Hairdresser Chair New hair salon chair Sorrento of simple and effective design. With height adjustment, backrest inclination, and …
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    Dallas Hairdresser Chair

    Dallas Hairdresser Chair Hairdresser chair of plain style, available in a selected range of colours so that you can choose …
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    Hairdressers Chair Genova

    Hairdressers Chair Genova Vintage style, high comfort and ergonomics are the main features of the hair salon chair Genova. It …