Electric Scooter HS118 For Mobility 4 Wheeled


Electric Scooter HS118 For Mobility 4 Wheeled

Electric Scooter HS118 for disabled, with horn, 4 wheeled speed ​​control, forward/neutral/reverse lever, rechargeable removable batteries, solid wheels, anti-tip rear wheels, electromagnetic brake.

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Electric Scooter HS118 For Mobility 4 Wheeled

Electric Scooter HS118 with 4 wheels for the mobility of disabled persons.

Please see the demonstration video at the end of the page.


  • Compact size: It fits in most elevators and even allows you to drive inside the house (depending on its layout).
  • Adjustable handlebars in 3 positions for your comfort.
  • Rotating folding seat adjustable 360 º in 6 positions by rotation lever and adjustable to 3 fixed heights with 2 cm difference between them (height chosen at the time of mounting; it can easily be changed but you need to disassemble the seat again).
  • Horn.
  • Battery indicator.
  • Self-testing warning light: It lights when there is a problem with the scooter.
  • Speed control.
  • Two reflectors on the back.
  • Deadlock lever, which disables the traction and brakes, allowing another person to push.
  • Forward and reverse gear: you can manage the control panel with one hand (either left or right). Both the right and the left lever allow to go forward and reverse.
  • Removable rechargeable battery, very useful for easy transport and to take it home to recharge it. Battery charger included.
  • Solid wheels.
  • Ignition system with 2 sets of keys.
  • Folding and adjustable armrests in width and height.
  • Removable basket in front of the scooter.
  • Rear anti-roll castors.
  • The scooter disassembles easily into 3 main parts: Scooter, seat and armrests.
  • Electromagnetic brake: The scooter stops when the throttle is released (the stopping distance depends on current speed).
  • 51 cm width for increased stability.
  • Reinforced chassis to reduce flexing.

Technical specifications:

  • Total length: 1000 mm.
  • Total width: 510 mm.
  • Total height: 890 mm.
  • Front and rear wheels: 195 mm diameter
  • Weight with batteries: 40 kg.
  • Maximum speed: 6.4 km/h.
  • Maximum load: 115 kg.
  • Clearance distance to the ground: 30 mm.
  • Degrees of slope: 8 degrees.
  • Curb climbing: 35 mm / 1.4 “.
  • Turning radius: 1270 mm.
  • Suspension: N/A.
  • Brake: Electromechanical.
  • Seat Type: Padded, folding.
  • Seat width: 425 mm.
  • Motor: 250W, 4700 rpm.
  • Battery: (2) 12V. 12Ah.
  • Battery weight: 9.2 kg.
  • Autonomy: 10 km.
  • Battery charger: 1.8A, removable
  • Electronics: Key on / off, battery level indicator, speed control switch

Precautions (read user’s manual carefully before use):

  • Maximum load is 115 kg
  • Do not drive at full speed when making turns.
  • Turn off the scooter before getting on/off or removing any component.
  • Do not drive on slopes exceeding 8 degrees and be very careful when making turns on slopes.
  • Do not drive the scooter unless the seat and handlebars are completely blocked and in the proper position.
  • Drive at low speed to climb, descend and cross ramps or when driving on uneven terrains, like gravel or fields.
  • Always follow the directions of your doctor.
  • You can drive on obstacles and curbs up to 35 mm in height. Do not attempt to drive on obstacles on a slope or hill.
  • Do not attempt to drive on holes longer than 10 cm.
  • Never attempt driving downhill backward.
  • The front basket (accessory) has a maximum weight capacity of 3 kg.

Compatible optional accessories:

  • 647-AMP9038-2 Pack of 2 replacement batteries for scooter

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