12 Channel Electrocardiograph


12 Channel Electrocardiograph

Electrocardiograph of 12 channels to evaluate the heart rate and to diagnose heart problems or lung pathologies. The record of ECG waves can be manual or automatic. It can save up to 1000 patient files.

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12 Channel Electrocardiograph

12-channel ECG machine.

  • This product is an ECG machine with 12 ECG simultaneous leads that enable recording the ECG wave shapes with a system of thermal printing.
  • The equipment must be used and taken care of exclusively by qualified staff.
  • High-resolution LCD screen 800 × 600, 1728 printing dots of width. It can print ECG waves of 12 channels.
  • It works with a keyboard or touch screen.


  • Recording and viewing of ECG waveforms in automatic/manual modes.
  • Self-measuring and self-diagnosis of the ECG wave parameters, indications of turned off lead, and lack of paper.
  • Management of the database.


  • Colour LCD screen 800 × 600, touchscreen, and control keys.
  • High-resolution thermal printer (8 dots/mm). It doesn’t need adjustment of any kind. Frequency response of up to 150 Hz.
  • The device can record clear and precise waveforms of 12 channels in real-time and in a continuous manner. On display: lead, sensitivity, paper speed, filter state, etc.
  • In automatic mode, you only have to press a button to start the record.
  • Design with a digital filter to prevent the diversion of the baseline and the CA and EMG interferences.
  • Automatic adjustment of the baseline, optimisation of the record adjustments, rhythm lead available.
  • Control with keyboard and touchscreen to facilitate the device’s handling. The state appears on screen in favour of your comfort.
  • The power system combines AC/CC. This device includes a rechargeable lithium battery, an automatic circuit of protection, and the automatic switch-off time can be set if it doesn’t receive a signal.
  • This equipment registers 150 ECG waves and prints continuously for 90 minutes.
  • The memory of the device can store 1000 patients’ files, which is useful for analysing data and statistics.
  • Elegant and lightweight design.
  • It can record and store data by pressing just one button.
  • Digital signal processor with CA, DFT, and ECG to get a high-quality electrocardiogram.
  • The equipment has the function of measurement, analysis, and automatic diagnosis to facilitate the job of the professional staff and, thus, reduce the workload.
  • The team meets simultaneously 12 ECG channels and analyses with different record modes such as 12×1, 6×2+1, 6×1, 6×2, rhythm row 12, row 10, row 8, row 6, etc. There are different formats for the reports.
  • The device enables to view 3, 6, or 12 lead waves in real-time with different views. There are indications of turned-off lead, lack of paper, etc. Also, the parameters can be detected automatically and a report can be created from the carried out analysis.
  • It can also register waves in manual or automatic modes and the data of the patient are stored in a database.
  • Language: English.
  • Safety classification: Class I, applied parts type CF, defibrillation proof.
  • Protection degree from liquids absorption: IPX0.
  • According to the safety degree when using in environments where there are anesthesia types gases, flammables, mixed with air: this device is not suitable for its use in such environments.


  • Screen
  • Control panel
  • Compartment for the paper
  • Earth wire
  • On/off switch
  • Connector for the power cord
  • Lead connector
  • USB port
  • Fuse-holder


– Environment conditions:


  • Ambient temperature: +5 ºC ~ +35 ºC
  • Relative humidity: ≤80%
  • Voltage:
    • CA:100V~240V,50/60Hz
    • CC: rechargeable lithium battery 14.8V, 3700 mAh
  • Atmospheric pressure: 86kPa~106kPa

Transport and storage:

  • Ambient temperature: -10ºC ~ 55ºC
  • Relative humidity: ≤95%
  • Atmospheric pressure: 50kPa~106kPa

– Entry mode: Floating circuit and protection facing defibrillation.

– Lead: 12 standard leads.

– Leakage current of the patient: <10μA

– Input impedance: ≥50MΩ

– Frequency response: 0.05Hz~150Hz(-3dB)

– Time constant: Time constant:>3.2s

– CMRR: >60dB, >100dB (Add filter)

– Filter of ECG interference: 35Hz(-3dB)

– Record mode: thermal printing system

– Printing paper specifications: 210 mm (width)*20m (total length). High-speed thermal paper

– Paper speed:

  • Automatic record: 25mm/s,50mm/s, error: ± 5%
  • Rhythm record: 25mm/s,50mm/s, error: ± 5%
  • Manual record: 5mm/s,6.25mm/s,10mm/s,12.5mm/s,25mm/s,50mm/s,100mm/s,error: ± 5%–

– Sensitivity options: 2.5,5,10,20,40mm/mV, error: ±5%. Standard sensitivity is 10mm/mV±0.2mm/mV.

– Automatic record: it works depending on the registry format and the automatic mode, automatic lead change, measurements, and automatic analysis.

– Automatic record: it works depending on the rhythm format and the rhythm mode, measurements, and automatic analysis.

– Manual record: it works depending on the format of the record, manual lead change.

– Measurement parameters: HR, PR interval, P duration, QRS duration, T duration, QT interval, Qtc, P axis, QRS axis, T axis, R (V5), S (V1), R(V5)+S(V1)

– Security type of the product: Class I, applied parts type CF. It has an anti-defibrillation circuit.

– Polarisation tension: ±300mV

– Noise level: ≤15μVp-p

– Fuse specifications: 2 units delayed fuse CA φ5*20mm.

– Sizes: 340 × 320 × 85 mm

– Net weight: 3.2 Kg


  • ECG cable
  • Set of 4 electrodes for joints
  • Set electrode for chest
  • Thermal printing paper roll
  • Power cord
  • Earth wire cable
  • Operational manual


  • CE 93/42 directive of Medical Device
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