Elliptical Aqua Bike

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Elliptical Aqua Bike

Elliptical bike to use in the water. This bike helps to work and enhance both our upper and lower body. And, the best of all, is that we burn a high number of calories. It is recommended for fitness centres and gyms.

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Elliptical Aqua Bike

  • Wellness in water.
  • The weightlessness of water minimizes body weight by reducing the pressure on the knees.


  • For anyone irrespective of their physical condition, although the best results are obtained with non-athletes.
  • Especially suitable for weight loss, aqua fitness, seniors, cellulite reduction and fitness in general.


  • Elliptical exercise is the one that best reproduces daily physical activity: walking, running, climbing stairs and slopes, with a very comfortable and gentle exercise.
  • In fitness centers, the elliptical machine is mostly used for making cross-training, exercising the upper and lower body without impacts, and burning a high amount of calories. The combined motion has a significant impact on strengthening the abdominal area.

Technical characteristics:

  • Reinforced construction for intensive or professional use in AISI 304 stainless steel with an electropolished protective treatment.
  • Stainless sealed bearings with a large diameter in the central bottom bracket, the only system that guarantees a perfect turn.


  • Minimum-maximum height: 177-185 cm. approx.
  • Handlebar width: 66 cm. approx.
  • Base width: 60 cm. approx.
  • Depth: 131 cm. approx.: 141 cm approx.



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