Facial Steamer with 8 Functions


Facial Steamer with 8 Functions

Multifunctional vaporiser set designed to cover all the needs of a beauty salon. Comfortable and easy functioning. It has wheels to facilitate its transport. Only for professional use.

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Facial Steamer with 8 Functions

Multifunction, 8 in 1, a new machine used for aestheticsIt is designed to meet all the necessary functions of aesthetic and beauty centers.


  • Features include suction, spraying, high-frequency electrotherapy, brushing, etc..
  • Each function has a different switchIs comfortable and easy to handle equipment, and has overcome all the shortcomings of traditional multi-functional instruments, which collapsed when a function was selected invalidating the others.
  • The steam arm is adjustable and rotatable with autognosis function to prevent overheating of the machine.
  • It is provided on the rear wheels to make it easier to transport, in addition to a tray to place and store accessoriesmaking it more comfortable for the beautician to use the machine.



  • Gives a high-frequency micro massage to the skin to remove aging cells and refine wrinkles. If accompanied by treatment with cosmetic products may be improve many skin problems.
  • With the strength of the rotating brush the skin is massaged.
  • Cleans and exfoliates aged cuticles.
  • After cleaning and removing dirt and dead cuticlesit refines the condition of  the skin.
  • Thanks to the massage, it improves skin elasticitymaking it more soft, delicate and shining.

Directions for use:

1. Connect the machine to the power supply and brush gun.
2. Turn the adjustment knob, the LED will light.
3. Turn brushed gun. Press the power switch of the gun to choose the direction of rotation: counterclockwise direction Ⅰ clockwise direction Ⅱ clockwise.
4. Adjust the intensity and frequency swivel handle, according to the client’s skin type.
5. Turn off the machine, clean and disinfect the brush head


1. Do not let the hair get tangled in the brush.
2Use steam to soften the cuticle before you start brushing.
3The two days following this treatment you should not do any facial treatment, you should not shave, do not use exfoliating creams, and stay away from stuffy and poorly ventilated places.
4Perform one treatment every three weeks.
5The duration of treatment in the facial area is 15 to 20 minutes. This treatment does not affect the client’s daily life.


  • The high-frequency electrotherapy helps improve acne.
  • The high-frequency current can infiltrate the deepest layer of the skin, generating heat.

Directions for use:

1. Connect the machine to the power supply and the stick of electrotherapy.
2Connect the glass tube to the post.
3Turn on the powerTurning the adjustment knobthe LED will shineAdjust the intensity of work with the handle.
4Start at the front and continue turning and sliding down the polePerform the treatment for about 5 minutes. For dehydrated skin you should use a lower intensity and less timefor oily skin more intensity and longer.


1. Direct treatment:
The beautician holds the stick and massages the face, adjusting the intensityActivation of the ultraviolet light must be performed for 5 minutes in rotational movementsThe high-frequency current acting in the epidermis of the skin, causing vibration and heat and ozone kills bacteria. You can use on both oily and acne skins.


1. Before direct treatment, clean the skin and make sure that all traces of dirt or makeupthe stick should move smoothly and continuously through the skin.
2. Set the working time and intensity as tolerance and skin sensitivityDehydrated skin should be treated with less time and intensityoily skin more time and intensity.
3. Remove all jewelry before you start treatment to avoid the danger of conduction current and skin damage.
4. Keep accessories clean and dry, disinfect before and after use.
5. Do not touch the pipe joint and stick shock if switched on.
6. Stay away from the eye area during treatments.
7. Patients with sensitive skin, vascular disease, acne rosacea and severe skin diseases can not use this machine.


  • The vibration of high frequency (1MHz-3MHz), generates ultrasound with strong penetrabilityIt is a special instrument that emits an alternating wave and scattered. It is much stronger than the ultrasonic wave normal at higher frequenciesgreater directionalitybetter penetration, and dispersion.
  • Because of the high-frequency vibration, there will be a micro-massage to skin cells, leaving them smoother.
  • The high frequency massage eliminate aged cells and reduce wrinkles. If accompanied by treatment with cosmetic products, it could improve many skin problems.
  • Generates ultrasonic frequency resonant vibrations of cells consume fats and enhances the water absorption capacity of the cells, rejuvenating the skin and restoring elasticity.

Directions for use:

1. Before using this feature, clean your skin that will be treated.
2After cleaning the skin, choose the appropriate coupling according to the condition and skin condition to get the best effect.
3Select the ultrasonic probe and connect the plug. Press the “” buttonLarge probepress upsmall tubepress down.
4Plug the power. Turn the knob to turn on the computer and adjust the intensity.
5Select continuous or pulsed wave by pressing «». Continuous-wave, press upwave downpress down.
6While carrying out the treatmentthe beautician steadily hold the probe, rotating slowly and continuously, allowing the ultrasonic treatment to penetrate the skin.
7Remove the probe at the end of the treatment, leaving the oil for better penetration.


1. The patient with angiocardiopatíahemorrhagic diseases, injuries, and pregnant women can not undergo this treatment.
2Keep clean and dry probesDo not wash with waterdisinfect with cotton, not let them suffer shocks.
3Do not leave plugged probes when finished the treatments or the machine may be damaged.
4Do not use it in the eye area.
5Persons suffering from liver failure, cirrhosis, and kidney problems can not be treated with this equipment.


  • The glass tubes are used to suck the blackheadsacne, pimples and remove dirt and grease contamination of the skin and in this way, we get cleaner, fresher skin.
  • Converts sprayer toning lotionor water vapor and spray.



1. Connect the glass tube at one end of the rubber tubing and filter into another, then connect the filter to the suction outlet.
2Turn on the powerPress the ON / OFF” which is located under the light of ‘Vacuum & Spray “(Suction and Spray). If the light is on, the machine is ready for use.
3Plug the hole in the tube, which will generate attractive forcePut the tube in the area to try to suck the black spots, fat, etc..


1. Connect the spray tube and then connect the tube to the plug.
2Turn on the powerPress the ON / OFF“. Hold the spray with the thumb and middle fingerpress the vent with the index fingerThe air pressure is generated inside the bottle and you can start toning lotion spray.


1. There are three types of glass tubeschoose the appropriate one for each case, depending on the area being treated.
2Lift the tube with your finger and remove it. Do not do it abruptly or may break.
3When using the suctiondo not linger too long in the same place or cause bruising.
4When using the spray, ask the client to close their eyes and mouth so that no liquid inside. Start at the forehead and work downkeep an appropriate distance between the nozzle and the client’s faceDo not spray in the nose.
5Keep the tube clean and dry the glass.
6Do not use toners containing impurities or sediments, the spray may jam.
7Never connect the nozzle to the suction outlet because the machine could suck toning lotion and disintegrating.
8Black and red tubes serve to distinguish the sniffer sprayer. Use each for their respective rolesdo not mix it may damage the machine.


  • Extends for cleaner pores.
  • The steam penetrates the pores and softens the fat contamination, removing blackheads and traces of makeupleaving skin clean and fresh.
  • Reduces wrinkles.
  • The machine incorporates autognosis function, when the water level is too lowthe machine will automatically shut off.
  • Has timer. You can adjust the working time, depending on the client’s skin.

Directions for use:

1. Fill the container with distilled water above the red line.
2Apply power and turn the knob to turn on the vaporizer and set the duration. After 5-7 minutes, the steam will start coming out by the sprayThe temperature reached by the steam is shown in the following table:

Time Temperature
10 minutes 34 ºC
20 minutes 42 ºC
30 minutes 49 ºC
40 minutes 53 ºC

3. Choose the distance and duration according to the client’s skin type, as shown in the following table:

Skin type Distance Time
Oily skin, poor circulation 20 cm 15 minutes
Normal skin  25 cm 10 minutes
Sensitive skin 30 cm 5 minutes
Telangiectasia 30 cm 5 minutes

4. After use, clean the container and the heater.

1.When filling the water container, pay attention not to spread the water by the switch to avoid causing a short circuit.
2. When operating the machine, wait until it is sprayed with equanimity and then direct it to the client’s face.
3. Do not fill the container with permeable materials or corrosive.


  • Used to check the variation of the layer of the epidermis and to analyze skin types to choose the right treatment and get glowing skin.

Directions for use:

1. Turn on the power.
2. Direct the magnifying lamp to the area of ​​skin you want to watch.
3. Adjust the distance between the lens and the skin to get a better view.
4. Discuss skin.


1. Clean the skin before testing.
2. Cut the power after use.
3. If not used for a long time, clean it thoroughly and cover it with a cotton cloth.


  • This is a special magnifying lamp ultraviolet ray for viewing subtle differences in skin pigment, which would be impossible to see in normal lighting, to provide the best treatment for our clients.

Directions for use:

1. Connect the Woods lamp current and turn, will be ready after two or three seconds.
2. Use it in a dark room and inspect the skin carefully.
3. According to the skin color can be detected following conditions:

1) White with turquoise: healthy skin
2) Yellow with Turquoise: oily skin
3) Purple with turquoise: dry skin
4) Dark purple: dehydrated skin
5) Orange: oily skin with acne
6) Light yellow: severe acne skin
7) Brown and dark brown: pigmented skin
8) Purple: sensitive skin
9) White Fluorescent: skin with thick cuticles


1. Use the brushing machine to clean the skin before using the lamp to check skin condition.
2. When analyzing the skin, keep an appropriate distance between the lamp and face, about 5-6 cm.
3. Checks the skin color in reflected light.


Name Quantity
Power cable 1 unit
Ultrasound probe  2 units
High frequency electrotherapy stick  1 unit
Tube high frequency electrotherapy  3 units
Suction glass tube  3 units
Spray bottle  1 unit
Red and black tube  1 set
Accessories for brushing  1 pistol; 5 heads
Woods lamps  1 unit
Lamp with glass  1 unit
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