Folding Electric Wheelchair ELITE ULTRALIGHT Reinforced Frame


Folding Electric Wheelchair ELITE ULTRALIGHT Reinforced Frame

New folding electric wheelchair featured with high-end complements of high performance. Aluminium frame, 25 km range, and maximum load capacity of 180 kg. It includes multiple safety elements with the best comfort.

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SKU: QRD-1154-YE245C-MAX.


Folding Electric Wheelchair ELITE ULTRALIGHT Reinforced Frame

This folding electric wheelchair ELITE ULTRALIGHT is a product of high quality and performance, characterised by having aluminium alloy reinforced frame, by offering a range of 25 km and supporting a maximum load capacity of 180 kg.

It has an electromagnetic brake system, rear damping, and high adherence and traction wheels.

Apart from the electric mode, it features a manual mode that is activated through a lever, with which a caregiver can drive the wheelchair in an agile and easy way if necessary.

Other distinguishing features are its anti-tippers, several safety belts, the option of adjusting the joystick both for left- and right-handed users, a pocket on the backrest, and a basket on the lower part.


  • Aluminium reinforced frame for bigger resistance and lightness -it only weighs 22.5 kg without batteries!
  • Wheels of wide traction with a marked tyre tread pattern and tyre in the rear wheels.
  • Anti-tippers.
  • Rear damping mitigates the small unevenness and provides a comfortable experience.
  • It includes a charger and a removable lithium battery.
  • Easy and compact folding, which makes it can be easily stored in a standard boot.
  • SMART control, adjustable for left- and right-handed users, with claxon, speed adjustment, and battery charge indicator.
  • Removable armrests.
  • Folding footrest
  • A safety belt that you can place where needed
  • Restraint straps included in the legs section
  • Pocket to carry objects on the backrest
  • Basket on the lower part


Chassis Reinforced aluminium Aluminium
Control SMART MINI progressive control SMART MINI progressive control
Control adjustable for right- and left-handed Yes Yes
Battery Lithium (24V 15Ah) – Detachable Lithium (24V 11Ah) – Detachable
Charger 3 Ah 2 Ah
Charging time 5 hours 6 hours
Motor Brushless – New Technology (Lighter, quiet, and greater efficiency that increases the battery range) Brushless – New Technology (Lighter, quiet, and greater efficiency that increases the battery range)
Range 25 km 18 km
Maximum speed 8 km 8 km
Traction Rear Rear
Braking system Electromagnetic Electromagnetic
Operating modes Electric and Manual Electric and Manual
Maximum load capacity 180 kg 135 kg
Weight (with battery) 25 kg 24 kg
Maximum inclination 12º 12º
Damping Rear (2 springs) Rear (2 springs)
Safety belts 2 (1 + 1 included for legs) 2 (1 + 1 included for legs)
Removable armrests Yes Yes
Anti-tippers Yes Yes
Lower basket Yes Yes
Rear pocket Yes Yes
Front wheels 20 cm (solid) 20 cm (solid)
Rear wheels 30 cm, aluminium tyre (solid) 30 cm, PVC tyre (solid)
Dimensions (when assembled) 98 × 62 × 104 cm 98 × 58 × 99 cm
Dimensions (when folded) 80 × 62 × 34 cm 71 × 58 × 30.5 cm
Seat’s width (between armrests) 46 cm 46 cm
Seat’s length  45 cm 45 cm
Backrest’s height 52 cm 52 cm

Battery For Wheelchair 1154-YE245C-MAX (ORAS-1154-YSPBL150).

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