Halogen Medical Lamp With Rolling Base Halogen

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Halogen Medical Lamp With Rolling Base Halogen

Examination and minor surgery lamp for ophthalmology, gynecology, or otolaryngology specialties. It has rotary wheels to facilitate its movement. Recommended for illuminating areas at a short distance without reducing visibility.

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Halogen Medical Lamp With Rolling Base Halogen

Halogen lamp for examination and minor surgery with a rolling base.


  • Intended for use in minor surgery rooms, doctors’ offices, clinics, etc.
  • Its small diameter of 75 mm allows for use over short distances without blocking the view of the user. The flexible arm allows you to find the angle of work required at all times.
  • Suitable for ophthalmology, otolaryngology, gynecology and obstetrics departments, etc.

Technical data:

Lighting intensity 30,000 lux (at a distance of 30 cm)
Light source Halogen bulb 35W
Colour temperature 4500K
Voltage 110-240V 50/60Hz
Lamp head diameter 75 mm
Beam diameter 80-250 mm
Controls Brightness controller
Net weight 4 Kg
Gross weight 6 Kg
Colour Rendering Index 95CRI


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