Pachymetry Scan Ophthalmic Color Ultrasound Scanner

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Frequency: 20MHZ, angle of 45 degrees makes easier operation
Resolution: 5um
Measuring range: 150um~1500um
Microns Range: 125-1000
Screen: LCD touch screen
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Pachymetry Scan Ophthalmic Color Ultrasound Scanner is used to measure the thickness of the eye’s cornea. It is used prior to a Corneal Molding evaluation, LASIK surgery, and is useful in screening for patients suspected of developing glaucoma. Modern design incorporates ultrasound technology for measurement of the thickness.

Pachymetry is the gold standard. Pachymetry Scan Ophthalmic Color Ultrasound Scanner offers the advantages of portability and relative ease of use. These dry contact systems are simple, portable, and cost-effective.


  • Compact, Light Weight, Design.
  • LCD Touch Screen.
  • Contact and Immersion Modes.
  • Multiple IOL Power Calculation.
  • Build-in Thermal Printer.
  • Capable of Connecting to PC.
  • Optional Workstation on PC.


  • 20MHz Frequency Probe.
  • 125-1000 microns Range.
  • Clinical Accuracy: <10microns.
  • Resolution: 5um.
  • Measuring range: 150um~1500um.
  • Display: SINGLE mode and MAP mode.
  • Can display ultrasound waveform when measuring.
  • Each group is the average of 20 measurements.
  • Switch between IOP measured value and actual value.
  • Can input name, ID and operator’s name.
  • Large color liquid-crystal screen.
  • Touch screen input, easy operation.
  • Curve freezing: Manual/Auto mode, controlled by pedal.
  • Built-in speed thermal printer.
  • Scan Mode: Pachymetry Scan Ophthalmic Color Ultrasound Scanner


  • CE
  • ISO13485


  • Pachymetry Scan Ophthalmic Color Ultrasound Scanner
  • 1 user manual (Sent via email)
  • 12 months warranty


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