Pedicure Chair With Whirlpool Bath

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Pedicure Chair With Whirlpool Bath

Pedicure chair with white upholstery and hydromassage electric bathtub. For professional use in beauty salons and aesthetics centres. It has been created to facilitate the job of specialists and provide comfort to the clients during the treatment.

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Pedicure Chair With Whirlpool Bath

Pedicure chair with whirlpool and with electric bathtub for feet, adjustable height

  • Making the pedicure work more comfortable is already a reality thanks to this special chair for the care and beauty of the feet.


  • Chair with adjustable height and white upholstery
  • Maximum height: 123 cm
  • Minimum height: 112 cm
  • Metal structure
  • Big backrest so that the client is relaxed and calm
  • Base with 5 legs adjustable to level them
  • Electric bathtub for a pedicure with bubbles
  • Base to place the pedicure bathtub
  • Footrest with adjustable height
    • Maximum height of the footrest: 66 cm
    • Minimum height of the footrest: 50 cm
  • Armrests of reinforced black rubber


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