Portable Vein Detector


Portable Vein Detector

Probe Method: non invasive infrared technology.
Operation Method: touch in screen.
Probe depth: within 10mm under the skin.
Zoom: up to 4X.
Internal battery: 3.7 V :6800mAh.
Size: 29 × 2.5 × 18.5 cm (W×D×H).
Weight: 1.5 kg.
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Portable Vein Detector

The Portable Vein Finder is a medical device that shows images of the blood vessels in real-time. Portable Vein Detector is precise enough to detect capillaries within 1 mm thickness, provides exact information about the thickness and location of blood vessels without distortion. The Vein Finder can be widely used not only for infants, elderly, and obese patients but also for patients with different skin tones.

Since the Vein Finder’s introduction to the market , it has become a crucial device used by doctors all around the world, for its important role in locating very hard-to-find veins.


  • Effective: Enables to perform promptly vascular treatments and procedures for the patients.
  • Accurate: Enables to choose the right blood vessel based on real-time video of the blood vessel.
  • Precise: Helps prevent repetitive and wrong injections.
  • Patient types: Can be used with various patients such as infants and obese patients regardless of their skin tones.
  • Non-contact: Because the device has been designed not to come into contact with the patient, the device may not require sterilization between uses.
  • Movement tolerant: Because the device shows the veins in real time, the device can accommodate the patient’s movements.
  • Decrease unnecessarily repetitive injections: Increases the safety and satisfaction of patients as well as the work efficiency of professionals in the hospital.

The Vein Detector is useful with a variety of patients:

  • The elderly.
  • Dark-skinned patients, whose veins may not be visible.
  • Obese patients, whose veins may not be visible or palpable.
  • Patients having many therapeutic intravenous procedures.
  • Burn victims.
  • Agitated or restless patients.
  • Oncology patients on chemotherapy.
  • Drug abusers.
  • Infants.


Portable Vein Detector


1. Intravenous Injection
2. Blood collection
3. Angiography : Vascular procedures such as catheter insertion (Varicose Veins)
4. Plastic surgery

Portable Vein Detector




1 × Portable Vein Detector
User Manual (send via email).
12 Months warranty.

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