Rectal Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner 3.5 – 5 MHz


Rectal Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner 3.5 – 5 MHz

Probe Frequency: 3.5MHz – 5MHz probe.
Scanning Depth: ≥160MM.
Screen: 5 Inches LED.
Display Mode: B.
Battery Work Time: 10 Hours.
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Rectal Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner 3.5 – 5 MHz

The 5 inches LED Rectal Veterinary Ultrasound Probe has a frequency of 3.5MHz – 5MHz and a depth of ≥160MM. With only one single charge Rectal Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner can provide you with 10 hours of continuous scanning. In addition to the Concise function and simple operation, its small size allows you to carrry it easily. Also, it has a large capacity SD card for storing image (SD card not added).

Rectal Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner detects any potential anal infection without opening the animals in surgeries. A rectal probe found for rectal examinations of animals and abdominal imaging in ruminants and it’s used to examine the reproductive tract and abdominal organs.

Rectal Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner comes with rectal probe to examine the prostate or the rectum of the animal and with a convex probe ( optional, please ask for details) to scan the internal organs of the animal. You can choose to order either the convex, Rectal or both probes.

Portable Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner

Features of Rectal Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner 3.5 – 5 MHz

1. Small Portable, Easy To Carry.
2. Concise Function, Simple Operation.
3. Clear Image, Usage Of Pregnancy Judgment, Measuring Fat.
4. With Probe Frequency Conversion Function, Adapted To different Inspection Demand.
5. Battery Can Change Easy, and For Power Dissipation is Small So Battery, Working Time Long.
6. Large Capacity SD Card For Store Image (Optional).
7. With Pseudo Color Display Function.

Specifications of Rectal Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner 3.5 – 5 MHz

Scanning System: sector sweep.
Probe Frequency: 3.5MHz/5MHz probe and can variable frequency.
Scanning Depth: ≥160MM.
Screen: 5 Inches LED.
Display Mode: B.
Image Gray Scale: 256 Level.
Frame Rate: 30 frames/S.
Image Store: 512 Frame (By SD Card).
Measure: Distance.
Input Power: DC 5V (By External Battery Input).
Power Consumption: 13W (No Charge) /25W (Charging).
Battery Work Time: 10 Hours.
Size: 240mm*120mm*45mm.
Weight: 800g.
Probe Connector: 1.




1 x Rectal probe 3.5 – 5 MHz.
12 Months Warranty.

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