Transport Bag for Folding Massage Tables


Transport bag for foldable treatment tables. Several sizes available. Protect your treatment table from possible damages when transporting it. Its handles facilitate its handling to any type of people.

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SKU: OM-579-BAG.


Bag for folding massage table.

* Please check the size of your treatment table and the size of the bag before purchasing it. Make sure that they are compatible.


Ref. ORAS-OM-579-BAG16X91X61: 16 x 91 x 61 cm**.

Suitable for the following treatment tables:

  • SKU. OM-359-A1M.
  • SKU. OM-359-M1M.

Ref. ORAS-OM-579-BAG17X93X63: 17 x 93 x 63 cm**.

Suitable for the following treatment tables::

  • SKU. OM-359-A1M.
  • SKU. OM-359-M1M.

Ref. ORAS-OM-579-BAG18X98X72: 18 x 98 x 72 cm**.

Suitable for the following treatment tables::

  • SKU. OM-359-A1M.
  • SKU. OM-359-M1M.
  • SKU. OM-579-M2L.
  • SKU. OM-359-M2L.
  • SKU. OM-579-M1L.
  • SKU. OM-579-A1L.
  • SKU. OM-579-A3L.
  • SKU. OM-359-A2L.
  • SKU. OM-579-A2LPRO.
  • SKU. OM-359-A2XL.
  • SKU. OM-579-EMB-M2XL.
  • SKU. OM-579-M1XL.

** These sizes are approximate. In case of doubt between two sizes, we recommend choosing the bigger one.

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17 X 93 X 63 CM, 18 X 98 X 72 CM, 16 X 91 X 61 CM

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