Top 5 Barber Chairs to Create the Best Customer Experience For Your Business

Top 5 Barber Chairs to Create the Best Customer Experience

Barbershops have always depended on their aesthetic to make the customer feel at home. The chairs are one of the most important parts of that aesthetic; therefore, selecting the best chair for your business is essential. We have selected the top five chairs available in the market based on our comfort, aesthetic, and functionality rubric. The price points are also an important part of the discussion, as you will decide which sector of the customer base your business will target – either luxury or middle tier.

#1: Denver Barber Chair

Denver Barber Chair

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Our number one pick has it all, functionality, traditional aesthetic, as well as affordability.

Its sleek steel frame comes with a traditional red or black upholstery. The chrome finishing makes it lightweight, while the traditional upholstery makes it easier to clean. In addition, the size of this model is slightly smaller than other chairs on the list, which makes it easier to maintain.

A premium feature of this chair is the reclining backrest (with a manual lever). Reclining seats are usually pricier, meaning the Denver barber chair is a bargain! The height of the chair and the backrest are both adjustable via a hydraulic system. Also boosting the functionality of the chair is its footrest that turns the entire 360 degrees. The footrest also has an anti-sliding rubber piece that makes it more comfortable for your customers.

The chair comes at a moderate price point that is neither too expensive nor so cheap that it feels like a knockoff! In addition, it can fit both retro-themed and modern-themed barbershops. Learn more about Denver Barber Chair

#2: Tucson Barber Chair

Tucson Barber Chair

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Our second pick is a fine piece of work. It has everything that a modern barber needs and then some!

The metal frame and the chrome base give the chair its structure and weight, while the white upholstery and modern design make it a truly unique barber chair. The premium padding has also been added to give your clients comfort. The black sewing on the white upholstery allows the chair to truly dazzle within the barbershop background.

This chair has a hydraulic system and a lever that controls the backrest inclination and the footrest inclination. Thus, the movement of the backrest and the footrest is synchronized. This allows the client to be in a position of comfort as he gets a shave. As always, the chair turns 360 degrees and has an adjustable headrest as well. This eye-catching, luxurious furniture is slightly pricier than our first pick but still cheaper than many luxury chairs out there. Learn more about Tucson Barber Chair

#3: Alabama Barber Chair

Alabama Barber Chair

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This ergonomically advanced piece of furniture has all the functionality plus the retro aesthetic that most barbers look for!

The chrome base and metal structure are accompanied by upholstery that is easy to clean and maintain. Buyers can pick from a color choice of red, scarlet red, black, and pine green. The seam on the chair follows a retro pattern that gives the chair its unique look. The pattern is even followed on the padded footrest below the chair.

The chair also boasts a hydraulic system that allows the user to adjust its height. The reclining option can be accessed from a side lever that is different from the hydraulic system. The footrest cannot recline; however, it can be adjusted in two positions (the rested and standing positions).
This model also fits that middle band in terms of price points; however, it leans towards the luxurious side. Learn more about Alabama Barber Chair

#4: Austin Barber Chair

Austin Barber Chair

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The Austin barber chair is our luxury pick for this list. It has a classic look that accompanies the most luxurious barbershops in the world!

This one boasts a heavy-duty frame that is quite sturdy and stable. The frame accompanies a buttoned stud with detailed classic, padded upholstery that has memory foam underneath it. The incredible detail that goes into the padding and the upholstery makes this product very authentic and luxurious.

The height can be adjusted through the always constant hydraulic system. However, the unique feature in this model is the synchronized back and footrest adjusting mechanism. It allows both rests to be adjusted at the same time, keeping the client in the most comfortable and optimum position for a haircut or a shave. The footrest and headrest both follow an extended design that makes the chair extra comfortable. Both are also padded like the backrest. Every feature of this chair has been given extra thought, which makes the final product very comfortable and efficient.

This luxurious chair comes at a luxurious price point as well. However, the price point feels very rudimentary when it comes to the final product’s utility. It worth every buck that you spend on it. Any luxurious barbershop interior is completed with this fascinating barber chair. Learn more about Austin Barber Chair

#5: Florida Barber Chair

Florida Barber Chair

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The Florida barber chair is the budget pick on our list. Coming in at a very cheap price point, it has everything that a barber would require without exploiting their budget a lot.

It has a simple one-piece structure with a steel frame that gives it great stability. The metal frame extends to form a simple yet comfortable footrest. The buyer can select the upholstery color. The choices are limited to red and black.

There is a manual lever to allow the backrest to recline. This allows your client to get into a comfortable position during the service. The seat also has a classic hydraulic system that can be used to adjust its height. This is essential as it allows the barber to use their skills effectively.
This is a classic chair that comes in at a very economical chair. It surely is a bargain! Learn more about Florida Barber Chair


This all-purpose barber chair list tries to provide the best product in multiple categories such as functionality, price, and aesthetics. Therefore, it has one luxury and one budget pick as well. As a result, it can be used as an effective buying guide when making a purchasing decision. Use this list to make a wise decision about the future of your business! Check out more barber chairs here

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